Sam Sithiprasert was born and raised in Chomburi, Thailand. Sam came to the United States in 1991 and obtained citizenship in 2012. Sam has been working in entrepreneurial Thai and Japanese restaurants since 1997. Sam has dedicated nearly ten years to learning literally every position of the restaurant business; developing a specialty in becoming a Thai chef. Sam has worked with native expertchefs and successful business mentors since a very young age. Sam has experience with Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cuisine and has developed his own innovative fusion-style dishes and creative style of presentation.

The Thai culture includes cooking, eating, prepping together and promoting a sense of community and family. From the age of one, Thai children are involved in cooking and sharing with others; as a result developing a discernment of taste in fruits, spices, nuts and natural foods. The blend of tastes creates dishes that are not only healthy, tasty, but also beautiful in presentation.

Beginning in 1997, Sam served as an apprentice at the 5-star Thai House restaurant in Florida. There he worked with a 5-star native Thailand general manager who managed the most sophisticated, 5-star establishments in Thailand. In Florida, Sam worked closely with two mentors while serving a variety of skilled position needs between two restaurants.

In 2001, Sam was recruited to move to New Hampshire and serve as the lead cook over three cooks where he taught, mentored, and had supervisory responsibility over both cooks and servers.

In 2003, Sam worked in New York City at one of the largest Thai restaurants. There he progressed through all the positions and worked closely both the chef and the manager.Later in 2008, Sam worked as an on-call professional chef for a variety of Thai restaurants in the New England states. During this time, Sam had an intense exposure to Japanese food preparation. In 2010, Sam worked with a successful Thai restaurant entrepreneur opening multiple new restaurants in Florida. There, Sam gained experienced in market analysis, business planning, and budgeting.